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What kinds of challenges do military families face in divorce?

Military families face several challenges throughout the course of their service. This is something that many don’t realize when they are getting into the military life.

A divorce is one area that does come with challenges when you or your ex is in the military. In fact, the divorce might be due to various challenges. Here are some points that military families must know if they are heading toward divorce.

How does a military status affect divorce?

A divorce is considered a civil matter. This means that military members might be eligible for protection under the Servicemember Civil Relief Act, which allows service members to avoid having to deal with these types of issues in certain situations like deployments. If you think you need this type of protection, you should learn about whether it will apply to your case or not.

What special considerations should I know about?

If you have children, you will need to have a family care plan approved by your commanding officer if your child is going to live with you. This plan outlines what will happen when your duties keep you from being able to care for your children for up to 30 days and longer than 30 days.

Another special consideration is finding ways to stay in contact with your children if they aren’t with you. This can be done using the internet and other forms of communication if in-person visits aren’t possible.

When you are going through a military divorce, you also have to think about how it might impact your retirement if you plan to make a career in the service. Other considerations might be necessary, so think carefully as you make decisions regarding your divorce.

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