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Reduce stress associated with divorce by working together

Sometimes a married couple may have a falling out for any number of reasons, leading to a divorce. The falling out could be due to people naturally changing over time, or it could even be due to a deep, fundamental disagreement between the spouses. Nonetheless, even when a divorce is sought by both parties and otherwise amicable, it might quickly turn contentious due to the adversarial nature of the court process.

However, Maryland readers may be interested to know that there are alternatives to divorce court. One such alternative is known as a collaborative divorce. Instead of working against one another, the couple works with one another in a collaborative divorce to come up with a mutual agreement. Moreover, it is also often cheaper and less stressful than going to court.

A collaborative divorce may be especially helpful when attempting to deal with child custody matters. When a child custody dispute is brought before a judge, it is the judge rather than the parents who will make the ultimate decision. But in a collaborative divorce, the child’s interests are often represented through a child specialist, thus allowing the child to have some say. It also places the matter firmly into the hands of the parents.

The way the overall collaborative divorce process works is by first having the divorcing couple agree to settle the matter between themselves and to abstain from requesting a court’s intervention. They then meet in a series of sessions to hammer out an agreement that strikes both as fair and reasonable. For those considering or going through a divorce in Maryland or elsewhere, a collaborative divorce may help with keeping costs down, stress low and with reaching a satisfactory arrangement. Of course, it is also worth bearing in mind that a collaborative divorce is not necessarily right for everyone and sometimes going to court may be the only good option available.

Source: NolaVie, “Collaboration a new alternative to divorce court,” Renee Peck, April 23, 2012

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