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Recovering from a Maryland divorce: What’s really involved?

Assuming that the legal proceedings have left the newly-divorced individual in a stable and secure financial situation — what’s next? Maryland divorcees — and divorcees anywhere — may be facing emotional issues that require adjusting to. The basic question for many newly-separated individuals is: After the divorce, how do you rebuild your life?

One relationship-writer’s advice stresses the need for newly-divorced individuals to work towards a comfortable life restructuring and to accept the fact that it’s normal for this process to take some time. Experts claim it can take as long as two years to complete the emotional recovery and life-restructuring process. A marital break-up can take away many of the day-to-day safety-net routines and new ones need to be put into place and adjusted to.

The recommended advice is for divorcees to not compare themselves to others who are not dealing with similar issues. Divorcees should instead ‘give themselves a break’ and wait until they fully adjust to new routines before planning on making any big moves — including new relationships. Whenever there is a loss of a pre-existing structure in life, such as a marriage, the restructuring is going to take time — the acceptance of that fact as a normal part of the process can take some pressure off of the individual doing the rebuilding.

All of this assumes that the divorcee is dealing primarily with the emotional side of the rebuilding process, but what if other factors such as financial issues are affecting things? A divorcee who must deal with both emotional and financial challenges in the restructuring of their life can be facing a rather daunting, if not overwhelming, task. It is in the best interests of any individual either facing or considering a divorce to think ahead regarding these matters, and to seek the advice of those who are experienced in Maryland divorce law to help ensure that a fair and equitable settlement is reached.

Source: Huffington Post, “How To Move On After Divorce, And How Long It Really Takes,” Ashley Reich, July 30, 2013

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