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NBA’s Blake Griffin and former fiance resolve custody dispute

Most in Rockville might assume that child custody cases are always part of larger divorce proceedings involving feuding spouses upset at each other over issues other than who gets primary custody of the kids. Yet it should be remembered that custody proceedings can also take place between unmarried couples. Some might assume that such couples bring less “baggage” into such matters, yet the fact that a couple never married does not mean that they love their kids any less than any other parent (and, by extension, will not exert the same amount of effort in fighting for what they believe to be their kids’ best interests). Still, in such cases, just as it is with married parents, unwed couples are encouraged to work through custody disputes amicably. 

If reports are to be believed, then Detroit Pistons forward Blake Griffin and the mother of his two children have shown that this is indeed possible. Recent reports about the couple’s child custody and support proceedings were met with a rebuttal issued by the pair themselves. They claim that rather than being forced to follow a set child support obligation mandated by the court, they have reached an amicable co-parenting plan on their own. The couple was engaged at one point, but never married. 

One of the primary benefits of couples coming up with their own custody and child support agreements is that they are allowed to determine what is fair and equitable for their situations themselves rather than being left at the mercy of state laws. Working together to come to such an agreement, however, is not always easy. A divorcing couple may be wise to enlist the services of a skilled family law attorney as they work through this process. 

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