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Multiple arrest made in child abduction case

Multiple arrest made in child abduction case

It may come as little surprise that divorce proceedings in Rockville often involve a good deal of emotion. In many cases, that emotion in manifest in child custody hearings. Parents often enter into such proceedings prepared to do battle, as they are sure that their kids’ best interest is only served by staying with them (and, be extension, not being with their ex-spouses). Yet one might wonder whether their motives are less driven by what they believe to be best for their kids and more by their feelings towards the circumstances that led to the end of their marriages. Ultimately, whatever the reason behind a custody dispute, the hope is that the emotion that goes into them will not prompt one parent to do something rash. 

That appears to be exactly what happened in the case of a Missouri woman who is currently facing felony child abduction charges. Authorities say that she took off with her daughter (over whom she does not have custody) before subsequently being apprehended in North Carolina (although it did take three years to find her). Since the woman’s arrest, two other women have also been arrested for hindering the investigation (both have since been released on bail). Although they share the same last name as the child’s mother, the women’s exact relationship with her was not detailed. 

This case demonstrates the far-reaching impact that custody disputes can have, eventually involving people outside of those directly involved. The potential for such chaos should prompt parents to put aside their differences can come up with amicable arrangements. Such arrangements might be more easily made if parents have the assistance of experienced attorneys. 

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