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The importance of planning and preparation before a divorce

Some marriages reach a point where a divorce seems to be inevitable. The decision to file for divorce can be an extremely emotional time for some Maryland spouses. Making this decision can be a challenge due to the multiple financial and emotional issues involved. A recent article stresses the importance of spouses planning ahead and being as prepared as possible for a divorce and the life that will follow.

Many in Maryland fear the cost of a divorce

For many Maryland spouses, there is little doubt that the end of their marriage has arrived. In some cases, this realization comes after years of trying to work through difficulties and make a wide range of compromises. However, making the decision to file can still be a challenge, largely based on worries about the ultimate cost of the process of filing for and completing a divorce.

Lending option available for divorce financing

For many Maryland women, the prospect of filing for divorce is worrisome. There are a great many uncertainties regarding the process and its eventual outcome, and many women postpone filing due to fears of financial turmoil during the period between filing and settlement. In many cases, angry spouses act to limit their partner's access to marital funds once a divorce is filed, which can seriously hamper their ability to litigate the matter properly.

Steps Maryland spouses can take to help with divorce issues

Common divorce issues for Maryland couples choosing to end their marriages run the gamut from child custody to property division to child support and alimony. These divorce issues can become contentious for some couples; especially when large sums of money and other marital assets are involved. This can be particularly true whenever one of the spouses in a divorce case is known to have a bullying personality. With that being said, however, there are steps that the less aggressive spouse may be able to take to help protect their financial interests during property division.

Considerations for divorcees 50 years of age and older

It was recently reported that the group experiencing the largest surge in divorce rates in America are those over the age of 50. As we discussed in a previous blog, the divorce rate for Americans over the age of 50 doubled between 1990 and 2009. Maryland couples who fall into this age bracket and are considering filing for divorce may wish to take note.

Could the Facebook IPO boost both marriage and divorce rates?

Facebook has become so prevalent in American life that the site is mentioned in an estimated 20 percent of divorce cases filed in Maryland and across the country. The social networking site is notorious for enabling the bad behavior of husbands and wives, whether it be in looking up past flames, making new online 'friends' or simply having inappropriate online conversations that undermine trust between spouses. However, the recent speculation about Facebook, marriage and divorce has nothing to do with how people choose to use the site.

Divorce rates increasing among baby boomer population

Maryland residents may not be surprised to hear that recent reports show divorce rates among the baby boomer population have nearly doubled over a 20 year period, many of them after long-term marriages. Many families in recent years have likely noticed that their aunts, uncles, parents, or even grandparents have filed for divorce, an action that most people attribute to younger couples and not older couples in long-term marriages.

Heidi Klum officially files for divorce from Seal

Maryland residents may be interested to hear that Heidi Klum has officially filed for divorce from her husband, Seal. The two, who have been married for seven years, announced their separation three months ago. As the couple shares children, their divorce may involve complicated matters relating to child custody in addition to other issues such as property division.

Dennis Quaid's wife files for divorce

Many Maryland residents are no doubt well aware of the complex issues involved in a divorce. There is not just the issue of dissolving the marriage itself, but there is also the issue of how to fairly divide the marital property. When children are involved, the divorce may become even more complicated as the spouses vie for custody.

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