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Divorce brings about specific insurance needs

Most Maryland residents understand that divorce will bring about a great many shifts and changes within their daily lives. In fact, the focus of a well-executed divorce will center on minimizing the negative impact of these alterations, so that a spouse is able to move beyond the relationship with his or her financial stability intact. One area of divorce that receives too little attention involves the insurance needs that accompany this important life event.

Spousal benefits extend far after Maryland divorce becomes final

Most benefits of marriage cease when a Maryland couple goes through a divorce. Whatever level of companionship was in place within the relationship is now gone, and each individual moves forward in the life that they design. However, there may be one positive aspect of marriage that lasts long after the ink has dried on one’s divorce agreement.

How to reach a favorable Maryland divorce resolution

When entering into the process of divorce, many Maryland residents fear that they are not adequately prepared for the challenges ahead. In some regard, this can be true. There are a number of mistakes that are made as spouses move through divorce, many of which can be easily avoided with the right degree of attention and effort. The following information is provided in the hopes of giving spouses the tools they need to make the best possible decisions as they move from married to single.

Technology helps some hide assets within a divorce

The advancement of technology has touched virtually every aspect of our lives, from the ways that we communicate to the manner in which we learn about the world around us. Unfortunately, there are many negative applications that technology makes possible, including some that can have a significant impact on a Maryland divorce. Many spouses suspect that their husband or wife may be attempting to hide assets during a divorce, and it is important to understand the role that technology can play in doing so.

Tax ramifications of various property division options

When a Maryland family has amassed a high level of wealth, the process of dividing marital assets within a divorce can be complicated. In addition to ensuring that the division of property is fair, spouses must also consider the tax ramifications of various property division outcomes. This is especially true in cases in which investment properties are owned.

Protect your financial standing during a Maryland divorce

When divorce is on the horizon, the most important thing that a Maryland spouse can do is take the steps necessary to protect their financial interests. In many cases, these actions can be completed, or at least begun, in the months leading up to filing. For those who are willing to take a proactive stance in regard to looking after their own financial interests, the likelihood obtaining a positive financial resolution within the divorce is strong.

During divorce, take steps to protect credit

Each and every divorce is unique, and is structured around the life built by the couple who is ending their marriage. One aspect of divorce that is important for all Maryland couples, however, involves the manner in which assets are divided. Property division can be a challenge for many, especially when spouses do not see eye-to-eye on how to share the marital wealth that has amassed during their union.

Deciding to divorce isn't always an easy decision

In the movies and on television one person declares in the middle of an argument that he or she wants a divorce. The story then proceeds directly into court. There is no further discussion or decision to be made regarding whether or not the end the marriage. Life is not always that simple. For many Maryland couples, making the decision to divorce is not easy.

Divorce issues among older couples in Maryland

The divorce statistics regarding couples over the age of 50 show a marked upward trend in the decision to end marriages as retirement approaches or begins. While each couple is as unique as the individuals themselves, there are a number of factors that lead older Maryland residents to move beyond a marriage that is simply not working. The following divorce issues may give some insight into the reasoning behind this social phenomenon.

What questions to ask your divorce attorney

Once a Maryland resident has made the decision to file for divorce, a series of decisions will follow. For many, the process can feel overwhelming, and it can be difficult to know where to begin. One's divorce attorney is a valuable source of information and advice during this challenging time. Being able to effectively tap into that resource, however, often depends on being prepared to ask important questions at the beginning of the process.

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