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Reduce stress associated with divorce by working together

Sometimes a married couple may have a falling out for any number of reasons, leading to a divorce. The falling out could be due to people naturally changing over time, or it could even be due to a deep, fundamental disagreement between the spouses. Nonetheless, even when a divorce is sought by both parties and otherwise amicable, it might quickly turn contentious due to the adversarial nature of the court process.

Heidi Klum officially files for divorce from Seal

Maryland residents may be interested to hear that Heidi Klum has officially filed for divorce from her husband, Seal. The two, who have been married for seven years, announced their separation three months ago. As the couple shares children, their divorce may involve complicated matters relating to child custody in addition to other issues such as property division.

Behavior can help or hurt a child custody case

Emotions can run high in child custody disputes. Maryland parents vying for custody may disagree vigorously regarding the best interests of the child, making it difficult to come to any mutual agreement. As part of this, it's important for a parent caught in a child custody matter to act in a manner that does not do their case any harm.

Dennis Quaid's wife files for divorce

Many Maryland residents are no doubt well aware of the complex issues involved in a divorce. There is not just the issue of dissolving the marriage itself, but there is also the issue of how to fairly divide the marital property. When children are involved, the divorce may become even more complicated as the spouses vie for custody.

Family law courts seeing more pet custody cases

There are many issues that may come up during a divorce -- some more contested than others. For example, division of the marital property may not be easy when neither spouse can agree on who keeps the house. Moreover, cases involving custody of a child or children can be particularly difficult, especially when the divorcing couple disagree on the child's best interests. However, Maryland residents may be interested to know that there are more and more cases involving pet custody in family law courts across the nation.

Maryland divorce rate declines; economy a cause?

Even when Maryland spouses mutually agree to go their separate ways and do so on relatively friendly terms, the divorce process can still be difficult as it may involve a number of complicated issues. Because of the complexity of divorce, it may come as no surprise that it can also be expensive. That may help explain why divorce rates are falling in these tough economic times, although other factors could certainly be at play as well.

Digital espionage is becoming a trend in divorce cases

As many Maryland residents know, divorce is far from a uniform matter. Sure, there are financial and emotional issues that are inherent to the topic of divorce; but no separating couple is going to have the same divorce as another. With the delicate issues that are at stake in a divorce - child custody, marital assets and property, to name a few - any bit of detrimental information can be used against you and harm your case.

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