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Tips on child custody, co-parenting after divorce

Divorce often feels like a complicated situation that can be impossible to navigate peacefully, especially when it comes to child custody disputes. Many divorcing parents in Maryland and throughout the nation ask themselves if they'll ever be able to reach an amicable child custody arrangement with their former spouse. One couple who divorced in 2003 decided to share their insights into how they co-parent peacefully and effectively in an effort to help others struggling with the same burning question.

Basketball star in child custody dispute with ex

Maryland residents may have heard that basketball star Dwyane Wade is back in the legal system regarding allegations that his ex-wife attempted to abduct their children. According to reports, Wade was awarded child custody of the couple's two sons in 2011.

David Arquette, Courteney Cox divorce on amicable terms

After being married for 12 years, actor David Arquette has filed for divorce from actress Courteney Cox. Residents in Maryland may know Arquette, 40, from the movie "Scream" which was a box office hit in the 1990s. Cox, 47, rose to stardom in the 1980s television sitcom "Family Ties."

More fathers being awarded primary child custody than ever before

It is common knowledge that many states across the country, including Maryland, have had an increase in single mother households during the last few decades, but this is no longer the fastest growing family dynamic in America.

Reduce stress associated with divorce by working together

Sometimes a married couple may have a falling out for any number of reasons, leading to a divorce. The falling out could be due to people naturally changing over time, or it could even be due to a deep, fundamental disagreement between the spouses. Nonetheless, even when a divorce is sought by both parties and otherwise amicable, it might quickly turn contentious due to the adversarial nature of the court process.

Family law matters: Unmarried couples and children

Depending upon the nature of the relationship, unmarried couples in Maryland and elsewhere can face unique challenges. This is particularly true when children are involved as sifting through family law matters can become quite complicated while trying to decide child custody for those who were never married. However, a new study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that more and more people are deciding to have children outside of marriage.

Behavior can help or hurt a child custody case

Emotions can run high in child custody disputes. Maryland parents vying for custody may disagree vigorously regarding the best interests of the child, making it difficult to come to any mutual agreement. As part of this, it's important for a parent caught in a child custody matter to act in a manner that does not do their case any harm.

Dennis Quaid's wife files for divorce

Many Maryland residents are no doubt well aware of the complex issues involved in a divorce. There is not just the issue of dissolving the marriage itself, but there is also the issue of how to fairly divide the marital property. When children are involved, the divorce may become even more complicated as the spouses vie for custody.

Family law courts seeing more pet custody cases

There are many issues that may come up during a divorce -- some more contested than others. For example, division of the marital property may not be easy when neither spouse can agree on who keeps the house. Moreover, cases involving custody of a child or children can be particularly difficult, especially when the divorcing couple disagree on the child's best interests. However, Maryland residents may be interested to know that there are more and more cases involving pet custody in family law courts across the nation.

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