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Domestic Violence Archives

Will domestic violence bill extension cause rift in protection?

Maryland domestic violence advocates beware, the U.S. House of Representatives voted Wednesday to renew the 1994 Violence against Women Act. There is skepticism that the extension of the law will provide adequate domestic violence protections as it does not extend explicit protection to illegal immigrants, Native Americans, and homosexuals. The bill was narrowly voted in with six Democrats joining the 216 Republicans in favor of the bill, while 23 Republicans joined the 182 Democrats opposed to the bill.

Bill may provide help to unmarried victims of domestic violence

When someone is caught in an abusive relationship, they may suffer both physically and emotionally. Unfortunately, domestic violence is all too common, and the victims of it may feel as if there is no one for them to turn to. However, under Maryland law, it may be possible to get a protective order against the abusive spouse.

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