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Smartphone app could help with Maryland family law matters

The phrase "they have an app for that" is one that has become fairly common over the past few years since smartphones have become increasingly popular. What may surprise some Maryland residents, however, is the fact that smartphone applications are becoming more and more relevant for family law matters as well. Now, computer scientists from one university have developed an app for the android smartphone that can actually conduct paternity tests.

Maryland readers: Family law matters for unmarried couples rise

On April 20, in a post titled "Family law matters: Unmarried couples and children," we told our Maryland readers about some of the challenges that unmarried couples can face in the legal system when there are children involved. Recent reports indicate that the incidence of these challenges may be even higher, as more and more unmarried couples have children in the home. Like married couples, unmarried couples can experience family law matters such as child custody and child support, only their situations may be unique.

Family law matters: Unmarried couples and children

Depending upon the nature of the relationship, unmarried couples in Maryland and elsewhere can face unique challenges. This is particularly true when children are involved as sifting through family law matters can become quite complicated while trying to decide child custody for those who were never married. However, a new study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that more and more people are deciding to have children outside of marriage.

Family law matters can arise within unmarried couples

Maryland residents may be interested to know that the Pew Research Center recently released a study showing that only 51 percent of American adults are taking their wedding vows, representing an all-time low. However, the number of unmarried couples moving in together has been on the rise, as people decide to delay marriage.

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