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Domestic Violence Archives

Men can also be victims of domestic violence

People often make the assumption when they hear statistics or reports about domestic violence that men are the ones committing the acts and that women are the victims. While this is true in many cases and can't be overlooked, it's also important to remember that men can be victims of domestic violence in Maryland, just like women.

Maryland laws stiffened to help domestic violence victims

Effective Oct. 1, Maryland has toughened its laws in an effort to increase protections for victims of domestic violence at the hands of a current or former romantic partners. A spokesperson for the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence noted in a report for Washington, D.C.'s WJLA news that these changes will help provide those victims with some of the same protections as those who are victims of spousal abuse.

Can a questionnaire prevent a fatal act of domestic violence?

A Domestic Violence Lethality Assessment created a decade ago by the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence is being used by law enforcement officials far from Maryland. The assessment was designed to help predict whether an incident of domestic violence is a precursor to a potentially deadly incident.

The battle to get guns away from domestic abusers continues

The subject of gun control is without a doubt one of the more divisive, emotional ones in this country. The many and varied opinions surrounding the right to own a gun are reflected in the statutes throughout the country that allow revocation of people's right to own or possess a firearm if they are involved in an incident of domestic violence or have a protective order taken out against them.

Could domestic violence be a leading cause of brain injury?

Domestic violence is, unfortunately, common in the U.S. Some sources estimate that as many as 1 in every 4 American women has experienced domestic violence in her lifetime -- and the problem isn't limited to women. Family law attorneys are well-aware of how serious spousal and child abuse can be, even as we also deal with the occasional individual who makes false allegations of family violence in order to gain an advantage in a legal proceeding.

Domestic abuse charges can have serious consequences for parents

As a lawyer who practices family law, you're virtually guaranteed to encounter domestic violence as an issue in some of your cases. Domestic abuse is all too common in our society, perhaps especially among people who are going through divorce or child custody cases. Why? Allegations of spousal or family violence have important legal consequences.

Domestic violence can become an issue for anyone

Many in Maryland believe that their own relationship is immune from any act of violence or abuse. This can make it difficult to accept that the person one loves is capable of causing them harm. In some cases, victims of domestic violence allow themselves to be harmed a number of times before seeking help, often because they cannot see that such actions are not isolated events, but are a pattern of behavior that usually does not end without intervention.

Actor facing domestic violence charges after argument

Maryland soap opera fans may be familiar with the work of Aiden Turner, the actor who plays Aiden Devane on the show "All My Children." Turner was recently the subject of far less flattering attention, however, when he was arrested for domestic violence. He is now facing four misdemeanor charges after an argument with his girlfriend escalated into a physical confrontation.

Ocean City, Maryland town manager accused of spousal abuse

Allegations of domestic violence and spousal abuse are typically taken very seriously by Maryland authorities. In some circumstances, Maryland residents who feel they have suffered from spousal abuse choose to file for protective orders in a civil court of law. This can help them gain an extra layer of protection in situations where they feel like they may be in physical danger from a spouse who is not able to control their emotions during a time of upheaval. That can be particularly the case when a couple seems to be undergoing marital problems.

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