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A few good tips on preparing your children for your divorce

Telling your kids that you and your spouse are breaking up is tough. Naturally enough, you're probably under a great deal of stress yourself, and your own feelings about the situation may be mixed, at best. You know that your kids won't be thrilled, and you may worry the situation could cause them long-term harm.

Child custody needs depend on child's age

One of the primary concerns of Maryland parents who go through divorces is the impact that the change will have on their children. Most will go to great lengths to ease the transition for their kids and will look for advice on how to help them adjust. According to many researchers, the manner in which parents approach divorce and child custody matters should be tailored toward the age group of the children involved.

Hidden benefit for Dads adjusting to child custody

The end of a marriage brings about a great deal of changes for parents of shared children. Coming to terms with a new child custody structure can be difficult for everyone. Dads in particular can struggle with having their children in their sole care during visitation time. While not all family structures follow this pattern, it is still the norm in American society for mothers to dominate the decision-making process when it comes to how children are raised. When that influence is no longer present in a Maryland household, fathers can sometimes have difficulty adjusting.

Couple struggle for child custody rights after home birth

The vast majority of child custody struggles center on a divorced or divorcing couple that is trying to establish their rights in relation to a shared child or children. There are times, however, when an intact family in Maryland or elsewhere faces a child custody battle. In such cases, it is imperative to take a firm legal stance in order to protect the right to raise one's child in the manner in which one sees fit.

"Equal" child custody may not be the best outcome

The manner in which child custody is handled in the American court system has seen a number of changes over the course of history. In the early days of our nation, men received full rights to their children in the event of a divorce. Later, the presumption was made that mothers hold superior nurturing abilities, and men were hard-pressed to obtain significant rights to their kids. Currently, courts in Maryland and beyond have signed on to the belief that child custody should be shared equally between divorcing parents, an idea that has received considerable criticism.

Adjusting to child custody changes

When a Maryland couple who share children go through a divorce, the division of parenting responsibilities plays a central role in that process. The focus is on achieving a child custody outcome that serves the best interests of the children involved, and one which both parents can live with. Because this is such an important issue within a divorce, many couples spend considerable time and effort reaching an agreement that works for the needs of all involved.

How kids react to divorce and child custody

No two individuals are alike, and each person will have his or her own reactions to significant events within their lives. This is true for Maryland spouses who divorce, and is also true for the children they share. While the end of a marriage and the resulting child custody changes can be difficult for both parents and children, it is important to understand that there are positive outcomes that can be achieved by going through this experience, as well.

Delay ordered until father returns in Navy child custody case

Military parents in Maryland and elsewhere can face unusual challenges to their parental rights. For these moms and dads, it is especially important to mount an aggressive defense of their child custody rights, and to take every possible step to protect the best interest of their children. Many politicians across the country have taken up this cause, and feel strongly that serving one’s country should not be used as grounds to remove a servicemember’s child from his or her care.

Child custody dispute centers on adoption timing

Maryland readers may be interested in an unusual child custody case playing out between an adoptive couple and a biological father. The case has raised a number of important questions about parental rights in relation to adoption. Unfortunately, both sides have suffered a great deal as the legal aspects of the child custody case have moved forward, and a great deal of disruption and stress has been placed upon the nine-year-old girl caught in the middle. This may be a case in which there is no clear “winner,” and where one family is sure to feel the heart wrenching loss of a child.

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