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Child Custody Archives

"Equal" child custody may not be the best outcome

The manner in which child custody is handled in the American court system has seen a number of changes over the course of history. In the early days of our nation, men received full rights to their children in the event of a divorce. Later, the presumption was made that mothers hold superior nurturing abilities, and men were hard-pressed to obtain significant rights to their kids. Currently, courts in Maryland and beyond have signed on to the belief that child custody should be shared equally between divorcing parents, an idea that has received considerable criticism.

Adjusting to child custody changes

When a Maryland couple who share children go through a divorce, the division of parenting responsibilities plays a central role in that process. The focus is on achieving a child custody outcome that serves the best interests of the children involved, and one which both parents can live with. Because this is such an important issue within a divorce, many couples spend considerable time and effort reaching an agreement that works for the needs of all involved.

How kids react to divorce and child custody

No two individuals are alike, and each person will have his or her own reactions to significant events within their lives. This is true for Maryland spouses who divorce, and is also true for the children they share. While the end of a marriage and the resulting child custody changes can be difficult for both parents and children, it is important to understand that there are positive outcomes that can be achieved by going through this experience, as well.

Delay ordered until father returns in Navy child custody case

Military parents in Maryland and elsewhere can face unusual challenges to their parental rights. For these moms and dads, it is especially important to mount an aggressive defense of their child custody rights, and to take every possible step to protect the best interest of their children. Many politicians across the country have taken up this cause, and feel strongly that serving one’s country should not be used as grounds to remove a servicemember’s child from his or her care.

Child custody dispute centers on adoption timing

Maryland readers may be interested in an unusual child custody case playing out between an adoptive couple and a biological father. The case has raised a number of important questions about parental rights in relation to adoption. Unfortunately, both sides have suffered a great deal as the legal aspects of the child custody case have moved forward, and a great deal of disruption and stress has been placed upon the nine-year-old girl caught in the middle. This may be a case in which there is no clear “winner,” and where one family is sure to feel the heart wrenching loss of a child.

For fathers, child custody dispute can center on paternity

When a couple chooses to conceive a child, both parents normally assume equal rights and responsibilities related to their son or daughter. In some cases, however, the issue becomes clouded for a variety of reasons. Many Maryland families are constructed in a non-traditional manner, which can lead to legal difficulties if the couple decides to end their relationship. An example is found in the child custody dispute between actor Jason Patric and his former girlfriend.

Child custody dispute begins before child is born

Many Maryland readers have gone through difficult custody struggles after a marriage or relationship ends. However, one recent child custody dispute is unique because it focuses on the extent of parental rights that are available before the child is even born. The case has received widespread media attention, and the ruling is being touted as a victory for women's rights.

Physics may offer child custody and visitation help

For many Maryland parents who divorce, maintaining a close bond with their kids is a top priority. In many cases, parents have children from more than one relationship, which can make visitation scheduling more complicated. Once those parents move on to new relationships, even more children and different child custody arrangements can factor in, making scheduling concerns overwhelming. Achieving a solution in which a parent can have his or her own children as well as those of their new partner in one weekend can seem an unattainable goal.

Ruling affects same-sex couples and sperm donation

For many in Maryland, the path to parenthood is long and winding, and may deviate from what is considered to be the American "norm." Same-sex couples are often among those who seek to expand their families through non-traditional means, as the biological requirements of creating new life lead to a need to seek an alternate path to parenthood. For many, egg or sperm donation, or even both combined with the services of a surrogate, are the best means of reaching the goal of becoming parents.

Parents fight the state in a heated child custody dispute

Maryland parents are likely to find the following case disturbing. Imagine your teenage daughter experiencing a range of serious medical issues for over a year. A specialist has been treating her with some success, and has diagnosed her as having a rare set of genetic disorders. One night, after she begins suffering from severe symptoms, you rush her to an emergency room; the specialist who has been treating her suggests that you take her to a different hospital than the one where she has been seen, due to the fact that her gastroenterologist recently moved there. Just days later, the state moves in, claiming that you are abusing your own daughter, and a long and terrible child custody dispute begins.

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