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Could your ex inherit your benefits even after a divorce?

For most Maryland spouses, the end of their marriage marks the definitive end of the bonds that connected them to their former husband or wife. While this is true in many regards, there are circumstances in which a former spouse could reap the same benefits upon one's death as was the case before a divorce. In order to avoid passing along death benefits or an inheritance to a former husband or wife, a measure of paperwork diligence is required.

Questions to ask during a Maryland divorce

When it comes to divorce, the more information one has, the better off one will probably be. Indeed, the process of going through a divorce in Maryland can be overwhelming, daunting and even frightening. This is why it is so important to ask good questions before beginning the process. Knowledge is power in life, and divorce is no different.

Should a Maryland divorce with kids be done during holidays?

For many Maryland couples seeking a divorce during the holidays, it is often avoided like the plague. The feeling of not wanting to disrupt holiday festivities, or letting children know the marriage is over during holiday time, can make many avoid the situation altogether. When divorce is imminent, it should typically be done as soon as possible. Putting serious issues off during the holidays doesn't make them go away, and there are ways couples use to get through the holidays with children while going through a divorce.

Maryland residents who divorce may still get benefits from ex

The biggest issues Maryland individuals face when contemplating a divorce can likely be about money. The idea of going from a financially stable home to venturing off into the financially unknown can be a stressful thought for anyone. However, for senior citizens facing these unsettling thoughts, there may be good news. People who divorce may also be entitled to retirement benefits from their former spouse.

Do one's actions in divorce court play a role with the judge?

Maryland couples going through a divorce are likely questioning if how they present themselves in court can affect their case. As it turns out, how one acts in court can play a huge role in the judge's decision-making regarding asset separation, child custody and anything else related to divorce. There are a few things one can do to help their divorce proceedings run smoothly, with little disrupt.

Preparing for a Maryland divorce settlement meeting

For many residents of Maryland, it is often wondered what one can do to help the divorce proceedings proceed without set backs. When someone wants to get divorced, it is likely that they want it done and over with as soon as possible. Preparing for a divorce settlement meeting proves to be one of the most controversial aspects of divorce, other than child custody issues, but there are some ways couples are going about settlement meetings to get a fair outcome without delay.

Deciding to divorce isn't always an easy decision

In the movies and on television one person declares in the middle of an argument that he or she wants a divorce. The story then proceeds directly into court. There is no further discussion or decision to be made regarding whether or not the end the marriage. Life is not always that simple. For many Maryland couples, making the decision to divorce is not easy.

How to control the cost of a Maryland divorce

For those in Maryland who are considering filing for divorce, one of the most important considerations is often the ultimate cost involved in moving from married to single. While there can be no doubt that there are expenses related to divorce, in most cases couples can exert a measure of control over those costs, and can work to keep them at a manageable level. Doing so can lead to a far better outcome for all involved.

Positive benefits of divorce for Maryland couples

Some statistics indicate that as many as 45 percent of first marriages will end in divorce. Despite this high number, there continues to be somewhat of a stigma associated with a marriage ending in divorce. Some people, however, fail to see that there are many benefits to ending a marriage, as opposed to staying in an unhappy one, for couples in Maryland and across the country.

Collaboration trumps divorce litigation for most Maryland couples

In decades past, divorce followed a predictable course. Virtually every case was litigated, and distinct lines were drawn between parties from the very outset. This often led to a far more contentious process than was necessary, and certainly did not offer a good fit for every couple who decided to move past a Maryland marriage that was simply not working. Today, however, there are far more options available for handling divorce issues, and the process can be tailored to suit any given couple.

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