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Understanding cash flow needs during divorce

When a Maryland spouse is considering ending his or her marriage, there are a number of financial considerations that must be given the proper level of attention. Chief among these is understanding how one's cash flow needs will change after the divorce is made final. Knowing how much income will be required to make ends meet is the first step in structuring a favorable property division settlement.

Moving through divorce with grace in the technological age

For many of us, the end of a marriage brings out the very worst in our personalities. Anger, resentment hurt and bitterness are an ugly cocktail, and it is the rare Maryland spouse who gets through divorce without at least a few lapses in judgement when it comes to how we portray our spouse or the details of the divorce to others. Unfortunately, technology has made it all-too-easy to spread far wider than we may have intended.

Dividing artwork during a Maryland divorce

Each and every divorcing couple has a unique set of assets. For some, a collection of artwork will play a central role during the property division portion of their divorce. Dividing artwork can pose a number of challenges, and many Maryland couples are unsure of where to begin the process. The following tips are offered in the hopes of assisting spouses who must address a collection of artwork within their divorce.

Divorce preparation advice for Maryland spouses

One of the most important aspects of any Maryland divorce is the manner in which marital assets will be divided between spouses. This can be a complicated part of the overall divorce process, as it requires a great deal of documentation concerning all income, assets and debt held within the family. This can be one of the most time-consuming steps within the overall divorce process, and savvy spouses will begin preparing for property division even before the papers are filed.

When spouses divorce the ones that they love

The end of a Maryland marriage often falls along predictable lines. Some couples divorce after one spouse has an affair or other indiscretion. Others find that they hold fundamentally different ideas about how to live their lives. Many simply grow apart over time, and feel that they would be happier as singles. For some, however, the decision to divorce is a powerful display of love.

Divorce sometimes doesn't sever tax connections

The end of a Maryland marriage marks the end of most connections between a husband and wife. For those without children, divorce provides a fairly clean break, and both parties are able to move forward with very little need to interact with one another. In cases in which alimony plays a role, the connection extends, at least until such time as the payments are no longer required. As long as money changes hands between former spouses, there will be a connection, at least in the eyes of the Internal Revenue Service.

Divorce brings about specific insurance needs

Most Maryland residents understand that divorce will bring about a great many shifts and changes within their daily lives. In fact, the focus of a well-executed divorce will center on minimizing the negative impact of these alterations, so that a spouse is able to move beyond the relationship with his or her financial stability intact. One area of divorce that receives too little attention involves the insurance needs that accompany this important life event.

How to break the divorce news to the children: Best practices

When Maryland parents consider filing for divorce, one of the most difficult things to contemplate is having to sit down and break the news to the kids. In fact, many spouses postpone filing for divorce until they feel that their children are emotionally prepared to accept the change in family structure. While there is likely no “best” age for kids to process divorce, there are best practices that can help parents discuss the matter in a way that kids can understand.

Sleep issues can accompany decision to divorce

For many Maryland residents, the end of a marriage marks the beginning of sleep troubles. The stress and anxieties that accompany divorce can take a toll on one’s mental and physical well-being, and problems with sleep are among the most common maladies suffered by divorcing spouses. It is important that spouses take care to get sufficient sleep, which not only makes it easier to deal with the issues surrounding their divorce but can also stave off serious health problems.

Spousal benefits extend far after Maryland divorce becomes final

Most benefits of marriage cease when a Maryland couple goes through a divorce. Whatever level of companionship was in place within the relationship is now gone, and each individual moves forward in the life that they design. However, there may be one positive aspect of marriage that lasts long after the ink has dried on one’s divorce agreement.

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