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A few good tips on preparing your children for your divorce

Telling your kids that you and your spouse are breaking up is tough. Naturally enough, you're probably under a great deal of stress yourself, and your own feelings about the situation may be mixed, at best. You know that your kids won't be thrilled, and you may worry the situation could cause them long-term harm.

What's the difference between divorce and annulment in Maryland?

The word "annulment" has a certain romance to it. After all, it might be a lot easier if the marriage had never taken place, right? Maryland law does have a process for annulment of marriages considered "voidable." However, it's rarely used and its effect may not be quite what you think.

Ocean City, Maryland town manager accused of spousal abuse

Allegations of domestic violence and spousal abuse are typically taken very seriously by Maryland authorities. In some circumstances, Maryland residents who feel they have suffered from spousal abuse choose to file for protective orders in a civil court of law. This can help them gain an extra layer of protection in situations where they feel like they may be in physical danger from a spouse who is not able to control their emotions during a time of upheaval. That can be particularly the case when a couple seems to be undergoing marital problems.

Maryland family law matters: Prenuptial agreements good idea?

With more and more Americans living a greater number of years, divorce and remarriages are becoming an increasing phenomenon. It is no surprise, then, that Maryland residents who find themselves contemplating remarriages are also considering steps that they can take to protect the number of assets they have accumulated over the years. Family law matters like these can be critical for those who have more assets by virtue of having lived longer than the stereotypical starry-eyed newlyweds.

Maryland family law matters: Tips for older divorcing Americans

We've discussed the growing trend in 'gray' divorce previously ('Divorce rates increasing among baby boomer population,' May 19, 2012), but focused on potential reasons behind the increase. The considerations for older Maryland couples who divorce can be different than those for younger couples due to factors such as increased marital assets and children being grown and out of the home. One recent report goes a step further than simply discussing why older people are divorcing more often and presents tips that baby boomers can consider when going through family law matters such as divorcing at a later stage in life.

Maryland man found guilty of domestic violence

A Maryland man now faces the consequences of committing domestic violence. He and his romantic partner had a serious altercation back in 2009 that allegedly resulted in different types of abuse. Also, he is charged with beating his partner again in 2011. During the second reported encounter, the victim received injuries which landed her in the hospital. Because of these charges of domestic violence, the man has been found guilty in Prince George's County and must serve forty years in prison.

Maryland pilots domestic violence program

A program that was piloted in Maryland may now affect how police respond to domestic violence all over the country. The program is intended to prevent domestic abuse situations from escalating into tragedy, as well as change the way that law enforcement handles such situations. The program requires police officers to be trained in the appropriate ways to deal with people who are involved in a domestic violence incident.

How an abusive relationship affects divorce in Maryland

Maryland readers may be interested in a recent report stating that women who are in abusive relationships may have more complicated divorces financially. The report indicates that each year over five million women suffer from physical abuse at the hands of a spouse or boyfriend. This high number does not account for men who are in an abusive relationship, a phenomenon that is not altogether uncommon.

Rockville child custody complicated by overspending

While it can be tempting for Rockville parents to splurge on their kids during divorce to help reassure them of their affections, some suggest that parents resist doing so. This resistance may be especially challenging if there is joint child custody, which may mean that both parents are not on the same page as far as "emotional spending." This can lead to resentment of the parent who does not spoil, and can be damaging to the way that kids view money. This may be one potential issue that parents want to address in whatever co-parenting or child custody agreement they reach during divorce negotiations.

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