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Posts tagged "Divorce Settlements"

Kim Kardashian divorce from Kris Humphries final at last

It took significantly longer than the actual marriage lasted, but the divorce between reality star Kim Kardashian and NBA player Kris Humphries has been finalized at last. The divorce case took just under 18 months to be finalized. This seems like a startling length of time when compared with the fact that their marriage itself only lasted a brief 72 days. Maryland fans who may have been following along with the case may have found themselves wondering if the divorce was ever actually going to happen.

Maryland readers learn of Simpson divorce

Many of our Maryland readers likely have heard the news that Joe and Tina Simpson, parents of Ashlee and Jessica Simpson, have filed for divorce. Like many couples, celebrity and otherwise, divorce can cause social tension. For Joe and Tina, rumors of Joe's sexual preference as well as suspicion that perhaps one spouse was philandering have caused tension in the divorce.

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