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Have you been waiting for a better economy before divorcing?

Among the 99 percent, the economy may not feel like it's booming, but the worst of the Great Recession now appears to be over. At the very least, consumer spending is on its way back up -- last month the U.S. Department of Commerce reported the largest increase in consumer spending in the last eight years.

Collaborative divorce in Maryland: A gentler alternative

Last April 26, we posted a piece on this blog about the benefits of a collaborative divorce in Maryland ("Reduce stress with divorce by working together"). This style of divorce appears to be gaining in favor, as opposed to the traditional notion of fighting it all out in court. One problem with a litigated divorce is the cost, together with the wait to have one's case heard by a judge. On the other hand, a collaborative approach involves the couple working with a team of interdisciplinary professionals to solve problems in a supportive and cooperative effort.

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