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Posts tagged "Cohabitation Agreements"

Maryland family law matters: Cohabitation agreements a good idea

Unmarried couples in Maryland often find the prospect of dividing up their financial and personal assets after a breakup a difficult situation. Family law matters such as property division are often more straightforward for a married couple, since in the event that they can't work out issues between them, a family court judge will often step in to cast the deciding vote. However, couples who do not wish to marry can take steps to protect themselves in the event that a breakup does occur in the future.

Maryland family law matters: More couples choosing not to marry

Family law matters can seem more complicated in certain Maryland cases where a couple commingles most, if not all, aspects of their lives without actually taking the formal step of getting married. Divorce makes navigating most family law matters relatively straightforward, since a judge will make those decisions that splitting couples are not able to decide themselves. But trying to divvy everything up when a couple never legally wed can sometimes add an extra layer of complication to the entire process.

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