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Facebook a factor within many divorce cases

Social media has changed the way that many Americans stay connected with friends and family. The ability to share information, photos and more allows people to share a great deal of their lives with those they care about. However, Facebook and other social media sites can also become a problem for many Maryland spouses who are going through a divorce.

Divorce sometimes doesn't sever tax connections

The end of a Maryland marriage marks the end of most connections between a husband and wife. For those without children, divorce provides a fairly clean break, and both parties are able to move forward with very little need to interact with one another. In cases in which alimony plays a role, the connection extends, at least until such time as the payments are no longer required. As long as money changes hands between former spouses, there will be a connection, at least in the eyes of the Internal Revenue Service.

Don't let Facebook derail your divorce

Social media has given us the ability to reach out to friends, family and even complete strangers in ways that were previously unimaginable. With nothing more than an Internet connection and a few keystrokes, Maryland residents can share their photos, thoughts and opinions with the virtual world. While these advancements have been largely positive, there are also drawbacks to social media, especially for people going through divorce.

Could divorce actually improve your credit score?

The end of a Maryland marriage will have an impact on the financial standing of both spouses. The process of dividing marital assets and debt, structuring child support and/or alimony and obtaining new insurance policies will all come into play. While there can be no doubt that each party will have to adjust to a new financial structure, not all of these changes will be negative. In fact, some spouses will enjoy improved credit scores in the months and years following a divorce.

Divorce issues surrounding tax season

For many Maryland spouses, the only thing less anticipated than the divorce process is the annual tax season. When the two processes combine, individuals who are going through a divorce have a challenge ahead. Tax returns filed while a couple is separated, as well as the first return for the year of a divorce, present unusual scenarios in which one's tax return is often very different from the years prior to this significant life event. Knowing how to maximize one's deductions can make a world of difference in the bottom line.

Questions to ask during a Maryland divorce

When it comes to divorce, the more information one has, the better off one will probably be. Indeed, the process of going through a divorce in Maryland can be overwhelming, daunting and even frightening. This is why it is so important to ask good questions before beginning the process. Knowledge is power in life, and divorce is no different.

Deciding to divorce isn't always an easy decision

In the movies and on television one person declares in the middle of an argument that he or she wants a divorce. The story then proceeds directly into court. There is no further discussion or decision to be made regarding whether or not the end the marriage. Life is not always that simple. For many Maryland couples, making the decision to divorce is not easy.

Steps Maryland spouses can take to help with divorce issues

Common divorce issues for Maryland couples choosing to end their marriages run the gamut from child custody to property division to child support and alimony. These divorce issues can become contentious for some couples; especially when large sums of money and other marital assets are involved. This can be particularly true whenever one of the spouses in a divorce case is known to have a bullying personality. With that being said, however, there are steps that the less aggressive spouse may be able to take to help protect their financial interests during property division.

Dennis Quaid's wife files for divorce

Many Maryland residents are no doubt well aware of the complex issues involved in a divorce. There is not just the issue of dissolving the marriage itself, but there is also the issue of how to fairly divide the marital property. When children are involved, the divorce may become even more complicated as the spouses vie for custody.

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