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Know how domestic violence can impact divorce and child custody

Domestic violence is a very difficult thing for a person to deal with. Whether you are the victim or the alleged assailant, you have to think about the possible implications of the accusation. One area of your life that might be particularly impacted is the child custody aspect.

Children are directly impacted by domestic violence in the home

Many people think of domestic violence as an adult problem, but this situation can impact the children in the relationship even if a hand is never laid on them. It is important to understand how children might be impacted so that they can be helped when they need to overcome the situation.

Plan carefully when you will leave an abusive relationship

Nobody should have to suffer at the hands of someone they love. When you are facing having to live with a person who is overly controlling or abusive, you might think that you are hopeless. You might not see a way out. With the right help and enough planning, you can get away.

Emotional abuse is sometimes invisible from the outside

Abusive relationships are challenging for the person who is being abused. Many people think of these relationships as ones that involve physical abuse; however, there are other forms of abuse that can occur. One of these is emotional abuse. While emotional abuse doesn't come with bruises and other physical injuries, it is just as serious as physical abuse.

Domestic violence can occur in same-sex relationships

Many people think of domestic violence as a problem that involves only opposite sex couples. This isn't at all the case. Even people who are in same-sex relationships can have issues with domestic violence. This is because domestic violence doesn't know sexual orientation, age, gender or any other similar factors.

Learn how a restraining order might help you remain safe

Domestic violence isn't an issue that is easy to deal with. The matter often pulls families apart. If you are the victim of domestic violence, your safety and the safety of your children has to be your absolute top priority. Even if taking the steps to get out of the situation seems too difficult, you might have to propel yourself forward so you can do what is best for you and your children.

Make your plan to leave an abusive relationship

Domestic violence is a serious matter that you have to think carefully about. If you are the victim of domestic violence, you might be trying to decide if you are going to leave or not. Typically, the choice comes down to how much more abuse can you take and how prepared you are to leave.

Restraining orders serve as a form of protection for you

Leaving a relationship, especially one that is a long-term relationship, isn't ever easy. You might continue to hold out hope that the person will change for the better so that any issues are dissolved. While this isn't impossible, it is probably unlikely. If the issue that is plaguing your relationship is abuse, you might be putting yourself in danger by staying in the relationship.

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