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Money can be root cause for divorce for Maryland couples

There are many reasons why spouses get divorced. One of the most common causes of divorce for Maryland couples, though, is over money issues. A study conducted revealed that quarrels over money increased the chances of couples getting divorced.

Researchers at a university conducted a study on over 4,500 spouses. Upon conclusion of the study, researchers discovered that spouses who had arguments over financial issues were at a much higher risk of getting divorced. The household income was not restricted to lower income families, it also included those with higher incomes.

Despite money being one of the main causes to ending a marriage, many couples fail to sit down and talk about the subject before tying the knot. A doctor at the Cleveland Clinic stated that couples don’t usually have a conversation about money prior to getting married. Couples are more preoccupied with other priorities, such as having children in the future, how to communicate with each other and their sexual relationship. It is suggested that couples can benefit from getting a hold on their finances before walking down the aisle.

Maryland spouses can reduce their chances of getting divorced by having a discussion regarding money matters before entering into the marriage. While it’s good to take the necessary precautions ahead of time, a divorce can still become necessary for any couple. When a marriage ends in divorce, emotions can sometimes take over the more level-headed decision making. The civil court system in Maryland handles these types of cases to ensure both spouses achieve a fair and comprehensive settlement of all material issues.

Source: katv.com, “Fighting over money is the top predictor for divorce,” Shann Nobles, July 22, 2013

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