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Maryland residents: where will you live after a divorce?

Maryland residents going through a divorce may be able to relate to a recent article that discusses the number of men that live alone after divorce and why. While the process itself can be emotional, people don’t always think of what is next. When moving forward with divorce proceedings, having a plan can prove beneficial.

According to recent data, the number of men who are now the head of a one-person household is much higher than it once was. Statistics dating back to 1970 show that 23 percent of men ages 15-64 were head of a one-person household, while that number is 34 percent today. The divorce rate appears to have spiked between 1970 and 1980.

Contrary to what some residents may believe, the number of women who are living in a single person household has not increased. This could be because according to the Census report, children typically live with their mothers following a divorce. Where a person is going to live following the separation could come into play during the planning of the divorce. A person could benefit from knowing what bills they will have and being able to provide that information during the proceedings.

Any Maryland resident that is facing a divorce could benefit from having an understanding of the laws applicable to their situation. When children are involved, having a parenting plan and knowing where the children will live can also be beneficial when planning for the future. With the proper knowledge, a person can be more aware of what to expect and know the best way to receive a positive outcome.

Source: Huffington Post, Men After Divorce Are More Likely To Live In Single-Person Households, No author, Aug. 28, 2013

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