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Many in Maryland Fear the cost of a Divorce

For many Maryland spouses, there is little doubt that the end of their marriage has arrived. In some cases, this realization comes after years of trying to work through difficulties and make a wide range of compromises. However, making the decision to file can still be a challenge, largely based on worries about the ultimate cost of the process of filing for and completing a divorce.

One recently released survey asked respondents about their top concerns when it comes to divorce. The majority of those without children reported that the cost of divorce was at the top of their concerns. Property division and the length of time needed to complete the process were close contenders. 

With the average cost of divorce estimated at nearly $15,000, many spouses feel that the process will make a serious dent in their financial stability. However, they want to end the marriage and move forward in their lives, leaving them in a difficult position. In the end, the prospect of remaining in an unworkable relationship simply to save money is not a viable option, and they choose to move forward with a divorce filing.

With the right degree of attention and planning, it is possible to limit the cost of a divorce. The first step involves sitting down with a Maryland divorce attorney and explaining one’s concerns regarding divorce. A good attorney will work with a client to limit legal fees, and advise on how to save money whenever possible. As the economy continues a slow pace of recovery, many individuals have financial concerns that they did not experience in years past. An open and honest conversation with one’s attorney concerning the cost of a divorce can go a long way toward achieving a successful outcome.

Source: Huffington Post, “Divorce Study Indicates That Cost Of Splitting Up Is Top Concern For Divorcing Couples,” Aug. 1, 2013

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