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Is joint custody right for you?

As a parent in Maryland who is soon getting a divorce, you have plenty of questions that you’ll need to ask yourself. How do you want to proceed? What property will you split? And more importantly, how will you and your partner handle raising a child together after the divorce?

Joint custody is one of the many options available. FindLaw defines it as a custody situation in which both parents share an equal amount of rights and responsibilities. This can apply to two things: physical custody and legal custody.

In a situation where joint legal custody is shared, this means both parents have an equal say in their child’s life in the eyes of the court. You can both give the okay for medical treatment. You both have a hand in choosing the religious background your child grows up with. As long as your child is a minor, you are both responsible for them.

Joint physical custody means that the child will be spending a roughly equal amount of time with both parents. This may mean the child spends one week with one parent, and the next week with the other. This can sometimes be difficult to accomplish because one parent lives farther away from the other, or because it will disrupt the child’s daily life when they move between houses frequently.

There are many benefits to joint custody arrangements, including having someone to rely on in the case of a parenting emergency. However, it’s not for everyone. If you want to look into this option for yourself, consider speaking with an experienced attorney for more information.

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