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Is it OK for you to move away with your kids?

Divorce is meant to bring about the end of any strife that exists between a couple. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. When putting more distance between yourself and your ex-spouse is not helping to ease the tension between you, you might then view relocating to a different area (or another state altogether) as the logical next step. Yet is that even an option when the two of you have children together? 

It is, but only if you follow the right course of action. According to Section 9-106 of the Family Code of Maryland, that starts by notifying the court of your intention to move at least 90 days prior to relocating with your kids. The court will then review you case to determine whether or not you should be required to make your ex-spouse aware of your intentions. While the court recognizes the advantage of your kids having the influence of both of their parents in their lives, it is also understood that certain situations (such as were abuse may have occurred) may make keeping him or her out of the loop the best option. If, however, you are mandated to inform him or her of your plans, he or she then has 20 days to contest them. If he or she does, and expedited hearing will be schedule to review the matter (and revise your custody agreement, if necessary). 

There may be cases where your proposed relocation cannot wait 90 days (such as if you are relocating to start a new job). In that case, the reasons for your relocation can be presented to the court as evidence of your need to have it waive the mandatory 90-day waiting period. 

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