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How much does divorce mediation cost?

Your divorce can not only exact heavy toll on your emotions, but also your wallet. Alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation have long been praised as being low-cost alternatives to traditional legal proceedings in Rockville. Yet exactly how much more money can divorce mediation save you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse? It may be difficult to answer that question given the unique elements associated with mediation. A better way to identify the cost-savings achieved through mediation may be to understand why traditional divorce proceedings can cost so much. 

As you and your ex-spouse work your way through your proceedings, there are bound to be disagreements along the way. When arguing your case in traditional court, these disagreements can prolong proceeding, requiring follow-up hearings in order to come to resolutions. The result of this is more money spent consulting with attorneys and in paying court costs (which are not cheap). 

That is not to say that attorneys and mediators are that much less expensive. Unless your case is being heard in government court or through some specialized community program, you and your ex-spouse are still paying by the hour. The major difference is that your case does not have to share time with others, giving you and your ex-spouse as well as the lawyers and mediator more time to dedicate to answering questions and overcoming disputes. The more intimate setting of an office environment (where many mediation proceedings are held) is also said by many to be more conducive to cooperation than a courtroom. 

Ultimately, it is this reduction on the time spent arguing your case where you see the most cost-savings. In terms of an actual figure, information shared by the American Bar Association estimates that the cost of mediation is 40-60 percent lower than traditional divorce proceedings.

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