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How can I maintain the peace during the holidays?

Maryland couples who’ve recently gone through a divorce may be dreading the upcoming holiday season. After all, things like scheduling and navigating family conflict can be extremely difficult, especially when the pain of separation is still fresh on a couple’s mind. That’s why VeryWellFamily.com recommends the following advice, which can help you keep stress to a minimum for you and your children.

Consider having your own celebration

Hosting your own celebration puts control back into your hands. For instance, you can choose which friends and family to invite, which can make for a more positive celebration. Also, having a party on your own can even the playing field so to speak, which can be helpful when dealing with former in-laws.

Take turns with relatives

When visiting family, see if you and your ex can’t take turns. For instance, your former spouse can take your kids over Thanksgiving while you can have them on Christmas or other holidays. That way you can keep stress at bay while also ensuring your children are able to spend time with many different family members. Try to work out holiday schedules early so everyone is on the same page when the time comes.

Be ready for conflict

If you know you’re bound to encounter conflict during a holiday gathering, try to prepare yourself for it beforehand. For instance, keep nosy relatives in the dark about personal issues, while also brushing off rude or negative comments made by other family members. While it can be difficult, taking statements with a grain of salt will help you preserve your cool. You can also opt to stay home with your kids if the pressure is too severe.

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