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How can I create a solid parenting plan with my ex?

Have the right mindset

The goal of a parenting plan is to create a healthy environment for child-rearing. Using it to punish your ex, either by making visits more difficult or denying them altogether, will only backfire in the end. Change your mindset from one that focuses on winning battles to ensuring your children have a healthy and happy upbringing. This entails compromising on certain items, even if you still feel resentfully towards your ex.

Keep school and activities in focus

School obligations are the center of a child’s life. Accordingly, parents must account for these matters, whether they involve transportation to and from school or accommodating schedules for homework assignments and testing. If your kids do a lot of afterschool activities, also keep that in mind. Planning around these events will make it much easier to get your kids where they need to be throughout the week.

Don’t be afraid to update your plan

As your children grow older it will be natural for your parenting plan to change. Don’t be afraid to revisit your plan every year or so in order to tweak it to meet the evolving needs of your children. You can also update plans if your life or that of your spouse changes. For instance, if one of you moves you’ll naturally need to change the plan to suit this new living situation. 

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