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Heidi Klum officially files for divorce from Seal

Maryland residents may be interested to hear that Heidi Klum has officially filed for divorce from her husband, Seal. The two, who have been married for seven years, announced their separation three months ago. As the couple shares children, their divorce may involve complicated matters relating to child custody in addition to other issues such as property division.

Wed in 2005, the two share four children who range in age from 2 to 7 years old. In her divorce filing, Klum is seeking primary physical custody of the children, meaning that Seal would have visitation rights only. She is, however, requesting that the two share legal custody of the kids.

In deciding the child custody matter, a family law judge may take several things into account. Courts are typically more inclined to grant the mother physical custody, but they assess a number of things before doing so. Here, the judge may examine the psychological relationship of each child to their parents along with the family situation. Courts like to avoid as much disruption as possible to the lives of the children.

This high-profile divorce may also involve matters concerning the division of property. Absent any prenuptial agreement, courts will typically split any property obtained during marriage equally between the spouses, but not in every case. Maryland courts follow equitable distribution guidelines, which do not always mean the property is split 50/50. Many residents face similar issues in a divorce, and it is often helpful to request assistance in navigating the court system.

Source: People, “Heidi Klum Files for Divorce from Seal,” Alison Schwartz and Michelle Tan, April 6, 2012

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