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Grandparents’ rights and mediation

Grandparents can be an integral part of a child’s upbringing, and many serve as major influences for the children. More practically, grandparents are often the main child care provider, especially for very young children, when the parents have to work or have other obligations. Because of this, when a grandparents I not able to see their grandchild, whether as a result of the parents’ divorce or because on parent has passed away, it can create a very difficult situation.

There are many situations where grandparents might find themselves asking the courts for visitation, or even custody. Maryland does recognize grandparents’ rights, but that doesn’t mean these cases aren’t difficult. Nothing in the family courts is ever a sure thing, and it’s important to have both a thorough understanding of the laws and experienced legal representation who can help you make decisions as you move through the process.

Whether the custody dispute is between parents or a parent and a grandparent, the conflict and stress can have a profound impact on the children. To try to mitigate this, I strive to move toward alternative strategies for dispute resolution. Mediation is often used in custody cases between divorcing parents, and it can be a valuable tool for parent/grandparent conflicts as well.

Often, these dispute are born out of misunderstandings or one of the parties jumping to litigation before attempting to talk out a solution with the other party. Whether you are a grandparent seeking visitation through the courts or are a parent who is facing a grandparents’ rights case, I can help you better understand what is happening, what the Maryland laws say and the options for resolution.

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