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Figuring out visitation when distance is an issue

Parents want to spend time with their children as often as possible. Parents who are divorced might not get to spend as much time with their children as they want to. That is often made even worse when the parents don’t live in the same area. For some families, it isn’t feasible for a child to go back and forth between parents because there are simply too many miles between them. Working out visitation in that case is often challenging.

One option that parents have when in-person visitation can’t occur frequently is to set up a virtual¬†visitation agreement. Virtual visitation involves using technology for the absent parent to connect with their child. This won’t provide the parent and child the ability to connect in person, but it is often viewed as a better option than just not having a relationship until it is time for an in-person visit.

Video chats, phone calls, text messages, and similar methods can be used to help parents and children remain in contact. If virtual visitation is chosen as a contact method, both parents must make an effort to make it work.

For the parent with whom the child lives, this means ensuring that he or she is allowed to communicate in accordance with the visitation agreement. The child must be allowed to freely communicate with the parents without the other parent interfering. In fact, if virtual visitation is ordered and the parent interferes, that parent might have to deal with the court system about the lack of cooperation.

If you think virtual visitation might be a feasible solution to your child custody and visitation issues, you should consult with your attorney about having it included in an order.

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