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Emotional abuse can be a very real problem in a relationship

Many people think that physical abuse is the only kind of spousal abuse that is covered under family law. This isn’t the case. You can take action if you are being emotionally abused by your spouse.

Even though the effects of emotional abuse aren’t easy to spot, it is possible that you will experience it. This is a serious form of spousal abuse because it can cause you to feel depressed or have low self-esteem. You don’t have to deal with emotional abuse.

If you are planning on leaving your abusive spouse, you need to make plans if you have time. You need to think about how you will support yourself and where you live. If you have children, you need to determine how you are going to support them.

We understand that this is difficult for you to think about. You probably never thought that it would come to this. Just remember that you aren’t responsible for your spouse’s actions. You don’t deserve the treatment you are getting — no matter how your spouse tries to twist things, this isn’t your fault.

You should think about keeping yourself protected if you are the victim of emotional abuse. You might need to file for a restraining order so that your ex can’t come around you. This can help you recover from the abuse you suffered because you won’t have to worry about having to hear more of the negativity or mean comments.

We know that you might decide that you need to file for divorce. We can help you do this, too. We just need you to let us know how you want to proceed.

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