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Don’t fall for a domestic abuser’s charm

You should feel safe in your home. When you don’t feel safe or you feel like you are being controlled, there is a chance that you are the victim of domestic violence. This is a very serious situation that can turn deadly if you don’t take appropriate action. You should prepare to leave the abuser sooner rather than later since you never know when it will be too late.

In our previous blog post, we discussed some of the different dynamics of domestic abuse. In all of these that we discussed, the person who was being abused might have found it difficult to leave. For some victims, the fear of the unknown keeps them with the abuser. For others, there is a fear that that the abuser will find them and rip them away from their new life.

We know that you might not be sure of where to turn when you are preparing to leave an abusive home. We can help you find resources that will help you to remain safe. One of the things we can help you with a restraining order. This would help to encourage your ex to remain far away from you.

A restraining order gives you the legal basis to contact the police if he or she isn’t away from the boundary area. Once the police arrive, your abuser could be taken to jail for violating the restraining order.

If you are planning on leaving your abuser, be sure that you have everything you need to do so safely. We can help you with the legal aspects of your sudden split while you work on healing up.

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