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Domestic violence can occur in same-sex relationships

Many people think of domestic violence as a problem that involves only opposite sex couples. This isn’t at all the case. Even people who are in same-sex relationships can have issues with domestic violence. This is because domestic violence doesn’t know sexual orientation, age, gender or any other similar factors.

While many people think that same-sex couples don’t have to deal with the issue, the fact is that these couples have a rate of domestic violence that is at or above the rate of opposite sex couples. The typical types of domestic violence are the same as the ones that impact opposite sex couples.

The remedies that are available for same-sex couples are the same as those for opposite sex couples. These include seeking help from a domestic violence shelter and seeking out a protective order that can help you keep your ex away from you.

If there are children in the relationship, you also have to think about the children. This is a difficult task because it often means that you have to work to keep your children away from the other parent that they love. The court will usually do the same thing if there is reason to believe that your children might be abused too.

As difficult as the situation is, you should be sure to think clearly and with your safety in mind. If you are married to the person who is abusing you, it might be necessary for you to file for a divorce. Think carefully about this because there is always a chance that the abuse will occur again if you go back to the relationship.

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