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Domestic violence can change your divorce process

We’ve recently discussed the issues that are related to domestic violence. One thing that often comes from cases that involve domestic violence is that the couple ends up going through a divorce. If this is the case with your marriage, you should take steps to ensure that your rights are respected and that your best interests are protected throughout the case.

Domestic violence can sometimes bring strife to the divorce proceedings. This might mean that you have no choice but to go through a divorce trial. While this isn’t how most people want to end their marriage, it might be necessary for you to protect yourself and your children. This could mean that your ex would only have supervised visits with the children, but the court will decide on this matter.

If you were abused during your marriage, you might need to seek a protective order. This could help you to have a level of protection from your ex. You also have to deal with who is going to get what assets and how you are going to raise the children.

Property division and child custody matters are common in divorces. Where your divorce might differ is that you might not be able to go through mediation or collaborative law methods to resolve the issues that are present. This might mean that your only option is to present your case to the judge and let the court decide the terms of your divorce.

We can help you to review the options that you have to end your marriage. We can also work with you to ensure that you are keeping you and your children at the center of the divorce process.

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