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Domestic abuse can include a variety of dynamics

Domestic abuse isn’t something that is limited only to specific demographics. Instead, domestic violence is present in all financial classes and other demographics. The victims of domestic violence are men and women. They live in poverty and in wealth. They have family members nearby and live away from loved ones. There isn’t any single description that pertains to all domestic violence victims.

One thing that is present in all domestic violence cases is threatening words or behavior. The abuser will usually use threats of violence to get the victim to do their wishes. The abuser might turn violent and strike the victim or do other physical acts if the victim doesn’t do what the abuser wants him or her to do.

Victims of domestic abuse usually feel isolated. They may feel like there isn’t a way out of their current situation. They might have limited financial means, even if their is plenty of money in the relationship. They might feel hopeless, anxious, suicidal, shameful, or withdrawn. In all of these cases, the effects are dangerous.

A person who is a victim of domestic violence should take steps that would allow them to be able to leave the relationship. Failing to leave an abusive relationship could lead to the victim being harmed or killed.

One of the options that is available to help victims of domestic violence is the restraining order. While this doesn’t guarantee that an abuser won’t come near their victim, it does provide very specific criminal consequences for a person who violates the order. This could be enough to encourage the abuser to leave the victim alone once the victim walks away from the relationship.

Source: National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, “Dynamics of Abuse,” accessed Dec. 02, 2016

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