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Custody dispute involving NBA player ends amicably

Many in Rockville may have a preconceived notion of how the typical child custody case plays out: A couple initially disagrees over custody, they argue their case before a judge (launching accusations and allegations at the other), and in the end, the judge typically sides with the mother. That assumption may actually be quite outdated, as today’s family courts try to place the welfare of the children involved in such cases above all else. In many situations, the outcome may be quite different than what most might expect. 

Take the recent case of a professional basketball and his custody dispute with his former girlfriend. Their custody dispute may have begun as many others so, with her alleging that he took their boys from her home in Michigan back to his in Texas without her consent, and him accusing her of partying and constantly leaving the kids with others. However, the two seem to have been able to set aside their differences and come at an agreement that by all accounts appears to be logical and amicable. 

His salary dwarfs hers, so in lieu of child support, he has agreed to pay her $50,000. He will retain custody of the boys (which was the recommendation made by the investigator who worked on the case), while paying for her travel expenses to come from Michigan to Texas to see them (he is also looking to get her a condo so she and the boys will have a place to stay while she is in town). He will also facilitate three weekly chat sessions between the boys and their mom. 

Not all custody agreements need to be fueled by vitriol. Those looking to come to acceptable agreements with their ex-spouses may find doing so is easier with an experienced attorney in their corners. 

Source: Lansing State Journal “NBA’s Bryn Forbes settles custody dispute with former girlfriend from Lansing” Putnam, Judy, Apr. 06, 2018

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