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Comprehensive child custody representation is among the strengths at the law office of Steven J. Gaba in Rockville, Maryland. With decades of experience, including nearly 25 years devoted to family law matters, I understand the intense emotional struggles and disputes associated with custody.

I pursue alternative dispute resolution strategies for child custody and other divorce issues to reduce the stress and expense associated with drawn-out litigation. As a qualified collaborative law attorney and member of the International Association of Collaborative Professionals, I recognize the immediate and long-term benefits that come from pursuing resolutions through nonlitigation methods.

When matters cannot be resolved through collaborative law or mediation, however, I have the experience and resources to take your case through litigation and to trial. Additionally, I provide custody modification representation for individuals experiencing substantial changes in their circumstances.

The Many Strategies In Assisting Parents

As a dedicated Rockville child custody attorney, I understand the different custody arrangements available under Maryland law, including:

  • Residential custody and access: Typically, one parent will have primary residential custody and the other parent will have regular access to the child (formerly known as visitation rights) and child support obligations. The amount of time spent living with each parent can be negotiated — or a judge will decide.
  • Shared residential custody: In this situation, each parent has the children at least 128 overnights per year or 35 percent of the time, and child support is calculated at an adjusted rate.
  • Legal custody: Even if one parent has residential custody, both parents may retain legal custody in areas such as decision-making authority for health, education and religion. It can be parsed in many ways: shared decision-making, sole legal custody or one parent empowered to make educational decisions.

It’s essential to advise clients to pursue fair and workable parenting plans to help ensure that the court approves such plans. And that’s what I do. I also will help you work out the specifics of your plan, including residential schedules and pickup/drop-off rules, holidays and vacations, extracurricular activities, transport and other issues.

I am sensitive to the needs of clients involved in custody disputes, from cooperative proceedings to high-conflict cases. I approach each case based on my client’s goals and the best interests of the children.

Advocating For Same-Sex Couples

In addition, I have represented many same-sex couples facing child custody issues. As with all of my clients, I stress creative solutions over litigation or trial for same-sex couples. I understand how litigation can place children in a legal and emotional tug of war. By addressing your custody arrangement through collaborative law, you can gain control over the outcome of your case without stepping foot in court.

Call Now For Legal Advice In Child Custody Disputes

Child custody matters always are sensitive in divorce cases. This is when you need the experience and skills of a seasoned lawyer. The law office of Steven J. Gaba in Rockville, Maryland, will do that. I can help you determine the best approach in your case. Contact me at 301-738-7770.

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