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Caring for a disabled adult in maryland

Caring for a mentally ill, handicapped or disabled loved one can be a complex and demanding task. The many needs of adults who cannot live on their own can depend on specific conditions and illnesses. Even with detailed needs and concerns, there are general facts with which Maryland residents can become acquainted to provide the best care for those in need.

As with most states, Maryland has its own laws surrounding the care of those unable to live alone. The Maryland State Bar Association lists some of the basics of adult guardianship in the state, including the definitions of what, exactly, constitutes as a guardian in these situations. The Court appoints a guardian to take on legal responsibility for another individual — this step can also include a person’s property. Typically, a person who is in need of a guardian is disabled and incapable of making responsible decisions regarding medical care or finances. There, too, exist rules regarding who can become a guardian in the state; courts first consider ward-designated professionals who worked with the individual before they became disabled. Next, courts consider blood relatives or close friends. After the court appoints a guardian, the guardian must follow all required legal procedures to confirm legal guardianship.

Maryland’s Department of Human Services connects residents with resources they need to best care for a disabled loved one. To dovetail with the aforementioned steps, the DHS states that another aspect of public guardianship involves the court’s consideration of whether a person is significantly impaired by accident, disease or disability. Maryland’s Adult Public Guardianship program ensures that disabled individuals receive appropriate care from guardians, and consist of various experts and professionals. Caring for an adult in need may be challenge at times, but the state offers many resources and guides to best navigate the ongoing job of adult guardianship.

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