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Child Custody Archives

Child custody doesn't have to be a constant fight

Some people go into a divorce thinking that child custody has to be a contentious matter that is a never-ending battle. This is far from the truth. Parents today have many options that they can use to handle child custody matters. One of the most important things that we want parents to know is that when you truly put your child's best interests first, you might find that child custody matters are easier to handle.

Find ways to adjust your co-parenting relationship

When you have a child custody agreement, you might find that the situation gets tense sometimes. This is especially true if you have a co-parenting relationship. Co-parents have to get along and respect each other in order for the situation to work. In some cases, the issues that are involved in the custody relationship become too stressful. This can affect your time with your child and the parenting relationship with your ex.

Think carefully about the upcoming holiday season and custody

The holidays are coming up fast. Even if you aren't ready to think about Christmas, you should start thinking about what you are going to do with child custody matters for the holiday season. This gives you and your ex time to think about what is going to happen.

Back-to-school tips for noncustodial parents

If you are like many noncustodial parents, you may have a visit with your child planned in the coming weeks now that school is back in session. Schedules are tighter during the school year so you value the time with your child. However, this limited time may lead you to feel pressured to overspend, over-plan or even unknowingly overstep boundaries.

Make temporary custody plans quickly when you decide to divorce

When you and your ex decide to end your marriage, one of the hardest things that you might have to do is to tell the children. Depending on the circumstances, such as your children's ages, you might need only a simple explanation of what is happening or you may need a more complex answer.

Treat your ex cordially when dealing with child custody matters

We recently discussed the reason why you and your ex should discuss matters related to your children. If you recall, one reason is that your child's immune system can be impacted by parents who have divorced and don't communicate. We want you to know that there are also other reasons for you and your ex to communicate.

Children can get ill when divorced parents don't communicate

Many people don't realize just how stressful divorce is until they live through one of their own. Did you know that divorce is very stressful for the children involved and not just the adults? This stress on the children is something that parents can help to control, but failing to do so can have negative impacts on the child's health.

Discuss important points for a child custody case

We recently discussed some methods you can use to help your children cope with the divorce. You have to think about your child's needs and emotions when you are going through a divorce. Your children's well being should be at the heart of all the decisions you make regarding the divorce, and child custody in particular.

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