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February 2019 Archives

Does being rich increase your odds of divorce?

The leading cause of stress in Maryland relationships is money, so it would seem to follow that the better off financially you are, the less likely you are to divorce. However, according to CNBC, experts observe that when an economic downturn occurs and couples are more likely to have financial struggles, the divorce rate decreases, only to rise again once the economy is on the upswing. Due to the financial aspects of divorce, couples are unwilling to add a destabilizing factor to an already uncertain economic situation, but once the financial situation improves, couples may find themselves on firmer financial footing, and divorce becomes a viable option.

When are your marital assets valued?

A great deal of time can lapse from the moment you and your spouse choose to separate to the date you are actually granted a divorce. Unresolved disputes, multiple complex issues to work through and even the availability of the court may cause your proceedings to be drawn out for months or even years. During that time, both you and your soon-to-be ex-spouse will no doubt begin to take steps towards moving on with your lives in Rockville. What happens, then, to the value of your marital assets during that time? 

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