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Men need time to heal after a divorce

One thing that people don't realize about divorce is that it takes time for each party to heal after the end of the marriage. Some people think that men don't need time to heal, but that women do. This isn't anywhere close to the truth.

When a man gets divorced, he needs time to reevaluate his life. Trying to move forward with a new partner too soon can spell disaster for him and her. This is something that can make the depression and downward spiral even worse than it was after the divorce.

Oftentimes, men find that the thought of getting close to another woman isn't really a welcome one. Some don't want to pour their heart out to anyone. Others want time to have fun and enjoy life solo for a bit. In either case, the man needs to take the time to make sure that he is ready to move on with another partner before he takes the steps toward making that happen.

One factor that might make a difference is that the man might have been blindsided by the end of the marriage. In around 70 percent of divorces, the woman is the initiator. If he thought that everything was going swimmingly, he might not have realized what she was planning. This is like a punch in the stomach to him, especially if he was working hard on the marriage.

Men who are going through a divorce need to have a good support system. This is often lacking with men, which can make the healing process even more difficult for these men. If you are going through a divorce, you need to take time to focus on your healing.

Source: Essence, "Honest Confessions Of Divorced Black Men," Elaine Meryl Brown, Oct. 16, 2017

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