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Find ways to adjust your co-parenting relationship

When you have a child custody agreement, you might find that the situation gets tense sometimes. This is especially true if you have a co-parenting relationship. Co-parents have to get along and respect each other in order for the situation to work. In some cases, the issues that are involved in the custody relationship become too stressful. This can affect your time with your child and the parenting relationship with your ex.

If you are having trouble with co-parenting, there are several ways that you might be able to refocus the situation. You have to think about your unique circumstances so that you can determine how these might work for you.

One thing that you have to think about is how you can minimize conflict. It isn't always easy to get along with an ex; however, taking the time to think about the contentious situation might help you to determine how you might be able to resolve the issue. Oftentimes, walking away for a bit can help you calm down and get the clarity that you need.

Another thing that you might have to do is go through parenting education, which isn't all about the way you raise your child. Instead, parenting education can help you learn to figure out where you need to focus your parenting energy. It can also help you learn methods that might make coming to compromises with your ex a bit easier.

Finally, you might need to transition to parallel parenting. In this form of parenting, you and your ex each do your own thing. Each house has its own rules and routines. This takes the pressure off you and your ex to keep things consistent. This might be temporary, but not always.

Make sure that you are putting your child's interests first. If something happens and the current child custody order isn't working any longer, you might opt to head back to court for a modification.

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