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Think carefully about the upcoming holiday season and custody

The holidays are coming up fast. Even if you aren't ready to think about Christmas, you should start thinking about what you are going to do with child custody matters for the holiday season. This gives you and your ex time to think about what is going to happen.

By starting now, you can also think about who is going to care for your children during the breaks from school. Making these plans now can help you to avoid the last-minute rush of trying to find a sitter or daycare shortly before the holidays.

As you think about the holidays, now is the time to plan for the child exchanges. Setting this schedule now can help you to ensure that there aren't any conflicting times or dates with family plans. As you make these plans, make sure that you are giving your children the time to make memories with both families.

Another thing that you need to think about right now is what your child will enjoy. This might not be fun to think about because your child will likely want to spend time with your ex and that side of the family. Even though this means that you won't be with your child, you should encourage your child to have fun and enjoy the time with family members.

If you and your ex can get along, you might consider finding out if you and your ex can spend time together with your child. This might mean more to your child than you know, but only if you and your ex can get along while you co-parent for the holiday.

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