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Treat your ex cordially when dealing with child custody matters

We recently discussed the reason why you and your ex should discuss matters related to your children. If you recall, one reason is that your child's immune system can be impacted by parents who have divorced and don't communicate. We want you to know that there are also other reasons for you and your ex to communicate.

As your children grow, they become more in tune with what is going on around them. While this might not seem like it is such a big deal, it does mean that they will better understand if there are tensions between you and your ex. This can lead to some animosity and stress because the child might start to think that he or she is the only reason why you and your ex are arguing.

Naturally, there are going to be some instances in which you and your ex don't agree on something. After all, if you were able to always agree, you would probably still be married. When these instances rear their ugly heads, make sure that you still treat your ex with respect and handle things in a mature manner. Remember, even if you don't have any other reason to act cordially to your ex, he or she is still your child's parent.

If there is a serious issue that you and your ex can't work through, you might have to turn to the court for help sorting things out. A child custody modification might be beneficial in these cases since you will be able to sort out the issues and have the solution included in the child custody order for future reference.

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