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Social media can have an impact on your divorce

Everything you do can impact your life while you are going through a divorce. This includes social media usage. You should know what you should and shouldn't do on Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites if you are in the midst of a divorce.

First, don't use social media to air out your dirty laundry. There is a chance that the statements you make will get back to your ex. In some cases, those statements can be used against you during the divorce. Instead, be very careful about what you are posting before you post it.

Second, don't use location-based services to post. This is especially important if you fear for your safety. If you post where you are, there is a chance that the information will be relayed to your ex. This could prove deadly if your ex was abusive or has violent tendencies.

Third, go through your friends and followers lists. Try to divide your social circle from your ex's social circle. If the two of you share friends, be very careful about what you say since your friends might tell your ex.

There are some instances in which it might be best to simply avoid social media. If you don't have accounts, your ex can't use social media against you.

As your divorce moves forward, it is important to keep your wits about you. Don't let your emotions rule you. Remember that you are working toward the ultimate goal of starting your new and free life away from your ex. Don't let a quick angry burst on social media make the process even more difficult for you.

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