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December 2016 Archives

Think carefully about your options during a divorce

Divorce can be an infuriating event, especially if you didn't see it coming or if your ex's infidelity was the reason for the divorce. In our previous blog post, we warned people who are going through a divorce not to air out their dirty laundry on social media. This advice rings true no matter what circumstances are present in the divorce. The last thing that you need is a post or tweet that you though was innocent coming back to bite you during the divorce.

Don't fall for a domestic abuser's charm

You should feel safe in your home. When you don't feel safe or you feel like you are being controlled, there is a chance that you are the victim of domestic violence. This is a very serious situation that can turn deadly if you don't take appropriate action. You should prepare to leave the abuser sooner rather than later since you never know when it will be too late.

Domestic abuse can include a variety of dynamics

Domestic abuse isn't something that is limited only to specific demographics. Instead, domestic violence is present in all financial classes and other demographics. The victims of domestic violence are men and women. They live in poverty and in wealth. They have family members nearby and live away from loved ones. There isn't any single description that pertains to all domestic violence victims.

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