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Make the holidays pleasant for your child

One huge issue that can plague children of divorce is where they are going to spend each holiday. Some children might dread the holidays because there isn't any clear plan for when they will go with which parent. Worse yet, their parents might fight over who is going to have them when.

For most children, the holiday season is special. There isn't any need for feuding parents to ruin the magic of the season. Instead, planning ahead and thinking of your children can help you to have a plan that takes the stress and uncertainty out of the season.

The first place you should turn if there are issues about who will get the children when is the child custody agreement or parenting plan. This document should contain the guidance you need to make the decision. If it doesn't it is time to either negotiate or head back to court.

If you and your ex can work out an agreement, you can avoid having to go through another court battle. You have to be willing to compromise. For example, if your family gets together on Christmas Eve and your ex's family gets together on Christmas day, you might consider having your child with your family and then letting the child go with your ex to his or her family's celebration. Alternatively, you and your ex can plan an event together with your child.

The goal of child custody agreements during the holiday season is to let the child have fun and make memories with both parents. If you want those memories to pleasant, try to be reasonable and work with your ex to make the season special for your child.

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