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In a recent blog post, we discussed how important it is to make sure that you are ready for marriage before you say "I do." One of the points that we touched on was how important it is for some people to have a premarital agreement before the big day. This isn't something that can happen right before you walk down the aisle. Instead, it has to be carefully planned and presented in a way that will render it enforceable if the time comes.

Take the time to make sure you are ready for marriage

This blog often covers posts about what to do when you are getting ready to divorce. While that is important for some people, other people might want to know some ways they can protect themselves if they are getting ready to get married. One of the most important things you can do if you are planning to get married is to make sure that you are actually ready to get married.

Know what matters to you during the divorce process

The only silver lining to a divorce is that you can start your life anew. And, that is only a silver lining if you want the divorce. Everything else about the divorce is likely to seem like a headache. We recently discussed some matters related to child custody. Those are very serious matters that require concentrated thoughts. On top of child custody matters, you also have to think about property division.

Joint custody doesn't have to be a hassle

The previous post on this blog discussed how important it is to put your child first if you are in the midst of a custody battle. The importance of doing that doesn't end when the agreement is made. Instead, putting your child first must continue until your child is an adult who is making his or her own decisions.

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